Event Staffing Guidelines

We request a lead time of at least 1 month prior to your event.

Events sponsored by lvmpd will take priority over all others.

General information needed for event request

  • • Date and time of event
  • • Address of event
    – Parking instructions
    – If the venue charges for parking, Explorers’ fees must be waived or reimbursed.
  • • Details about the event
    – Event or organization website or social media page

Specific Information needed for event request

  • • How many Explorers are you requesting?
    – Explorers generally operate in pairs.
  • • What would you like Explorers to do at your event?
  • • Is special attire needed?
  • • Is specific equipment needed? (safety vest, gloves, etc.)
  • • Will you be providing water, snacks, or food for our Explorers?
  • • Do you have liability insurance for your event which covers volunteers?
  • • If a permit is required, have you obtained one?
  • • Are funds available to provide a one-time or recurring donation to our program?

Some things Explorers can do at events

  • • Recruit new members to our program
  • • Interact with and educate the community
  • • Staff a booth to provide information about the LVMPD
  • • Act as role players in training scenarios for first responders or other government or private groups
  • • Assist with community clean-up projects
  • • Check in event attendees
  • • Act as event ambassadors providing information to attendees
  • • Direct light vehicle traffic in parking lots
  • • Direct pedestrian traffic

Some things Explorers will not do at events

  • • Explorers are not law enforcement officers and will not take any law enforcement action
  • • Explorers will not serve as crowd control or conduct bag or weapons checks at check points
  • • Explorers will not be used as event security
  • • Explorers will not supervise activities which are considered to be high risk of injury (bounce houses, rock walls, etc.)
  • • Explorers will not be used to control traffic in major roadways or major traffic flow areas
  • • Explorers will not serve food or beverages
  • • Explorers are under 21 and will not be in direct contact with alcohol.
  • • If an Explorer is not EVOC certified, they will not operate a LVMPD vehicle.