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During the weekend of January 17, 2013 46 Police Explorers from the Metropolitan Police Department joined more than 900 other young adults from police agencies from across the United States to compete in the 15th annual Chandler Tactical Competition hosted by the Chandler (Az) Police Department.

During weekly meetings, members who range in ages 16 to 21 are taught the basics of policing and law enforcement tactics. This competition was a 2-day event comprised of mock tactical scenarios such as Undercover Operations, Marijuana Field Raid, and Waterborne Operations among others which allowed the Explorers to demonstrate their knowledge in working in team elements to resolve dynamic situations. Field experts such as SWAT officers and hostage negotiators observed and graded the scenarios. They also competed against other Explorers in firearms and physical fitness challenges.

LVMPD’s Explorers performed very well and earned the following trophies:

EAC Post 702: 1st Vehicle Assault

NWAC Post 505: 1st Waterborne Operations, 2nd Tactical Relay, 2nd Multi-Level Assault, 2nd EOD Response, 2nd Female Advisor Obstacle Course, 3rd 5-Man TK Pull, 3rd Female Explorer Obstacle Course, 5th High Risk Search Warrant, Spirit Challenge

SCAC Post 357: 1st F.A.T.S., 3rd Hostage Negotiations

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About the Explorer Program

The LVMPD Explorer Program exposes young adults to a career in law enforcement by matching their interests in four specific areas: Crime Scene Investigation, Corrections, Dispatch, and Police. In addition to the training they receive, the LVMPD Explorer Program also aims to develop and refine qualities such as maturity, responsibility, character, civic duty, and personal fitness.


The LVMPD wants the community it serves to have pride in its police department. It is our goal to proactively police our neighborhoods to prevent crime. We are committed to building strong partnerships with the community to guide us and communicate effectively to ensure the public’s trust. Our dedication to fighting crime and improving the quality of life in Las Vegas includes maintaining the safety of the millions of visitors that Las Vegas hosts each year. - Sheriff Joseph Lombardo

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