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Throughout the year, posts travel to regional competitions where Explorers apply the knowledge they have learned during weekly meetings in both team and individual events.

Competitions are a great way for Explorers to travel, meet other young adults who share their same interests, and speak with law enforcement professionals from both local and federal agencies.


Each summer, the LVMPD Explorer Program proudly hosts ExCon, a one-day explorer competition which is open to outside agencies.

For more information about this unique event including registration instructions, please click here.




Competition Accolades



Chandler Tactical Competition - Chandler, AZ

1st: Male Obstacle Course

2nd: Robot Operations, Marijuana Field Raid, Incident Command System

3rd: Vehicle Assault, Downed Officer Rescue



Chandler Tactical Competition - Chandler, AZ

1st: 5-man Hostage Rescue, Marijuana Field Raid

2nd: Downed Officer Rescue, Sniper Challenge, Vehicle Assault

3rd: 5-man Hostage Rescue, EOD Response,

4th: Robot Operations, Tubular Assault

5th: Rapid Response (Active Shooter)



Chandler Tactical Competition  - Chandler, AZ

Team A 1st: Breach Entry 3rd: Vertical Assault 4th: Tactical Bungee 
Team B: 1st: Marijuana Field Raid 2nd: Incident Command System 3rd: Downed Officer Rescue


Riverside Police Explorer Competition - Riverside, CA

Hostage crisis team A 3rd place
DV team B 3rd place
CSI team A 2nd place
Unk traffic stop team B 4th place
Pedestrian stop team B 4th place and team D 3rd place
Felony traffic stop team D 4th place and team B 1st place
Officer down team D 3rd place and team A 2nd place
Active shooter team A 2nd place 
Male explorer PT 1st place Explorer Pennington
Female advisor PT 3rd place Officer Dredla
Male advisor PT 4th place Officer Tompkins
Bike explorer 3rd place Explorer Pennington
Bike advisor 1st place Officer Courtney
Tug of war 3rd place team B
Written report 1st place Explorer Harmon.

Overall: Team A 2nd, Team B 3rd

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About the Explorer Program

The LVMPD Explorer Program exposes young adults to a career in law enforcement by matching their interests in four specific areas: Crime Scene Investigation, Corrections, Dispatch, and Police. In addition to the training they receive, the LVMPD Explorer Program also aims to develop and refine qualities such as maturity, responsibility, character, civic duty, and personal fitness.


The LVMPD wants the community it serves to have pride in its police department. It is our goal to proactively police our neighborhoods to prevent crime. We are committed to building strong partnerships with the community to guide us and communicate effectively to ensure the public’s trust. Our dedication to fighting crime and improving the quality of life in Las Vegas includes maintaining the safety of the millions of visitors that Las Vegas hosts each year. - Sheriff Joseph Lombardo

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