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Explorer Philippe Dinh is 19 years old. He has been an explorer for nearly 2 years and is assigned to South Central Area Command Post 357. Explorer Dinh graduated from Silverado High School in 2012 and is currently attending UNLV pursuing a bachelor's degree in Criminology.



Let me start off by saying how grateful it is to be a part of this program. It is an honor being able to learn the ways of becoming a police officer and being able to learn so much more.


Becoming an explorer has taught me a lot of things about not only myself but with law enforcement as well. To start off, the explorer program is beneficial to me because it has opened a lot of opportunities. Not only has it helped me get a job, it has also helped me in my daily life. Becoming a police explorer is not all about learning about police work, but it teaches you more about yourself. 

To start off, becoming a explorer, it teaches me that i can accomplish anything I put my mind to. In everyday life there are challenges that we all face, some tougher than others. And unfortunately before becoming an explorer I would always give up on whatever was hard and never work hard toward anything. Fortunately, the explorer program has shown me perseverance and has taught me to keep pushing forward when even things get hard. So overall, being in this program teaches one that if you put your mind to stand you stay committed with a driving attitude, you will be able to accomplish anything you wish. 


Being an LVMPD explorer has a lot of benefits outside of just training to become a police officer. The skills that you learn as an explorer are beneficial beyond the program. I work Kohl's loss prevention here in southwest Las Vegas. Without the help of the explorer program I would have not been able to perform my job the way I do now. This job requires one to be able to handle a situation calmly and be able to talk to high emotional situations and shoplifters. Being an explorer, it has taught me to deal with these situations since police officers do that on a daily basis. I’m able to rely on the training I received in explorers to help me deal with situations that I encounter at my daily job.


In conclusion, becoming an explorer is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It has made me a better person not only how I carry myself but how I carry my everyday life. Take that first step and be committed to this program! It will teach you life skills such as integrity, courage, accountability respect. And even if you decide not to pursue a career in law enforcement, the tools and life skills that the LVMPD explorer program will provide you will surely help you in your daily life, just like it has helped in mine.


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About the Explorer Program

The LVMPD Explorer Program exposes young adults to a career in law enforcement by matching their interests in four specific areas: Crime Scene Investigation, Corrections, Dispatch, and Police. In addition to the training they receive, the LVMPD Explorer Program also aims to develop and refine qualities such as maturity, responsibility, character, civic duty, and personal fitness.


The LVMPD wants the community it serves to have pride in its police department. It is our goal to proactively police our neighborhoods to prevent crime. We are committed to building strong partnerships with the community to guide us and communicate effectively to ensure the public’s trust. Our dedication to fighting crime and improving the quality of life in Las Vegas includes maintaining the safety of the millions of visitors that Las Vegas hosts each year. - Sheriff Joseph Lombardo

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