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Kori Lindsey is 17 years old and in the eleventh grade attending Veterans Tribute Career and Technical Academy. She's been a LVMPD Dispatch Explorer for 8 months and is also a member of the magnet school's  9-1-1 dispatch program. 

Being an Explorer for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is not only a thrilling and exciting experience during your teen years, but you also have the opportunity to learn how to better yourself as a person and work towards a career as a future public safety professional. As an Explorer for Dispatch, I have gotten to experience a great amount of things in such a short amount of time than I probably ever would have, had I not decided to join the program. One such experience would have to be my first Post meeting where I got to do a sit-along with a Dispatcher.


Some of the calls I got to sit in on, included a man calling from McDonalds telling the Dispatcher, “I love you,” to a woman reporting a domestic violence call. I really enjoyed just watching the Dispatcher just being in his element. He was extremely calm and helpful towards the people who called in and when he wasn’t taking a call he took the time to explain the system, showed me the different units who were currently on shift and showed me how to pull up the locations of phones that the callers were using. I remember thinking, “How in the world will I be able to do this?” The whole experience was incredibly eye-opening and exciting all at the same time.

Though I did not sit with the Dispatcher for very long, just being able to be thrust into what I am there to learn about right off the bat was kind of exhilarating. I was nervous because I felt out of my element but the more I spent sitting there and looking amongst all the consoles and people being active in their careers and helping the community, I realized that this is a career I could see myself having and possibly excel at.  Since then, I feel I have continued to grow personally and have learnt so much in my eight months of being an Explorer and that is all thanks to the LVMPD Explorer Program.

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About the Explorer Program

The LVMPD Explorer Program exposes young adults to a career in law enforcement by matching their interests in four specific areas: Crime Scene Investigation, Corrections, Dispatch, and Police. In addition to the training they receive, the LVMPD Explorer Program also aims to develop and refine qualities such as maturity, responsibility, character, civic duty, and personal fitness.


The LVMPD wants the community it serves to have pride in its police department. It is our goal to proactively police our neighborhoods to prevent crime. We are committed to building strong partnerships with the community to guide us and communicate effectively to ensure the public’s trust. Our dedication to fighting crime and improving the quality of life in Las Vegas includes maintaining the safety of the millions of visitors that Las Vegas hosts each year. - Sheriff Joseph Lombardo

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